Tuesday, November 6, 2007

AML1001: Introduction to American Lingo

Haha. I am not sure if I am the right person to teach you guys this course. But here are some of the terminologies I learnt and subconsciously picked during my time here in America.

Phrase 1 : "Hey, how's it going?" with a thick American Accent.

It means "How are you doing?", " How's things going for you?" or any greetings along these lines. It took quite awhile before I understand what the "it" means in this context. The "it" refers to the current issue you are pursuing or busy with. Almost nobody uses "How are you doing?" here.

Phrase 2: "Hey, no biggie." "This is a biggie."

Guess some of you could guess what they mean. Biggie in the first example refer to big deal and in the second example, it simply means big thing. Haha. Biggie sounds cool and interesting to me.

Phrase 3: "Meet you at fourish."

Ok. Even I find this absurd. I was totally taken by surprise when I first heard this term. Fourish in this context means four plus or close to four. So next time when I tell you to meet at two-ish, three-ish, five-ish, you should know what I mean k. Haha.

Phrase 4: "Jesus Christ!" - (loud exclamation)

I am not sure if most people here are Christians or Catholics, but they substitute "Oh my God." with "Jesus Christ!". So, which is more cool to you? "Oh my god" or "Jesus Christ!". You have your own take.

Americans also have their own terminologies for alot of things.

Restroom for toilet.

Napkins for serviettes.

Flip-flop for slippers.

And many others I can't recall now. If you use the latter terms instead of the former ones, they won't understand you and give you a baffled look.

And Americans pronoun alot of words very differently from British which is the way Singaporeans pronoun. Unfortunately, I can't illustrate this aspect through this platform. Tell you guys more when I am back.

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