Thursday, November 1, 2007

An Unforgettable Walk with an Elf

I am not dreaming. I walked with a elf this morning. Serious. I am not kidding. I really walked with an elf today. Really.

Ok, I shall stop this nonsense. It's Halloween today!!! The only day when Americans go crazy and dress up in any costume of their liking just for the sake of Halloween. It didn't strike me it's Halloween till I stepped into campus this morning and this gorgeous elf caught my eye. Woo. I really thought I was watching a movie when I first saw that elf. The elf just looked so real. This female elf was wearing a green hat with a quill feather on it, has long pleated blonde hair, wore the typical elven costume and wore long green stockings which were so sexily attractive. Drool. The only thing amiss was her school bag in place of bow and arrows. But, nonetheless, it all looks so real, with the campus setting of tall tress and lush green shrubs complementing her presence. It just looked like an elf having some adventure in the woods. Haha. I am making up some fantasy, but who doesn't like fantasy? I tailed her for a couple of minutes as we happened to walk in the same direction, but I didn't manage to capture a glimpse of her face, only her back view. While I was tailing her, I was cursing myself for not bringing my camera. Haiz. So, I don't have a photo to show you guys, or it would be wonderful for memory keepsake.

Later in class and campus plaza. I saw all kinds of characters. Cowboy, Catwomen Frankenstein, Julius Cesar, Spartan Warrior, Geisha, Joker, Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, Medusa and many interesting characters or costumes that I cannot identified. For those less elaborate, they just wear a head gear representing different characters, like bumblebee antenna, devil horns etc. It's an real eye opener for me. Just that I wished that there were more people dressing up for this occasion. I managed to take a few pictures of some costumes after I went back home to take my camera. Gotta go off and study now. Mid term exam tomorrow. Sian. Will upload those funky photos next time.

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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