Friday, December 14, 2007

Eyes Wide Open


Before you think I am crazy, what do you think I witnessed just now? Any guesses? Haha. Before your imagination run too wild, let me give you a hint. It's something you don't find in Singapore. What's America culture like to you? Ah... so you guessed it?

I just witnessed...........................

A Nude Parade!!!!!!!!

Now, you understand my insanity? Haha. I am still engaged in disbelief what I just witnessed. Think I might not be able witness such an event again. Once in a lifetime man.

Some background information on the Nude parade. It's a tradition carried out by a group of Cal students who lived in Co-op, which is similar to the halls in NUS, just that it's not co-owned by the university and it's a smaller community style of living, a group of 30-50 people living in a big house with a common kitchen and dining room. So, every semester during the start of exam period, they will strip at the basement of Mofitt library, and run through every floor of the main stacks library , which is the underground library of Cal, a few rounds.

Guess what? I got the most shocking introduction before the actual nude parade. I was getting ready to go to the main stacks library via the elevator before I decided to take the stairways to save time, for I do not want to miss a single moment of the nude parade. And when I open the door to the stairways. POOF!!! A big bunch of half naked people greeted me, about 40-50 plus people. OH MY GOSH. Some of them got their boobs decorated with fanciful paints. I walked past them and asked them if they will run to the main stacks later. In response, they put their fingers on their mouth, "Sssssshhhhhhh." So, off I went to the main stacks in anticipation of their arrival.

When I arrived at the main stacks, the aisle was already full of people waiting to watch the parade. Wa seh man. So shiok. Most of them were ready with their cameras and some even got their SLRs. Wa kao. So I thought I should take a video of the parade too though I was initially against the idea. Hmm, at this point? I am thinking, should I continue with my description of the parade or would you rather I post the videos on my blog? Afterall, pictures speak a thousand words. But here's the issue of privacy versus excitement? Give me your feedback on my cbox. Majority wins. Polls ends on next Wednesday night, which is the last day of my exams. Haha. Create some suspense for you guys. Haha.

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