Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mr Berkeley Giving You Live Reporting from San Francisco

Hi Fans of Mr Berkeley,

Sorry for the late updates. I would like to report to everyone I have landed safely in San Francisco. Yeah. Thanks everyone who has prayed for my safe landing, I almost thought I couldn't make it after vomiting in my transit flight to Tokyo. I felt so nausea I prayed hard I would survive another tortuous 9hrs 45min of connecting flight to San Francisco. Thank god nothing happened to me and I live to talk to you today. Haha.

I got so much things and pictures to show you guys about my adventure in San Francisco and Berkeley but right now I still stuck without permanent accommodation. Been boiled down by this concern admist the endless fun and excitement exploring the streets and people in this new land. San Francisco is a shopping paradise, whatever brands you are looking for, you will definitely find them as a single merchandise shop house. Culture shock? Well, not totally cos I know American is a different society from Asia. San Francisco is so much more cosmopolitan than Singapore, there's really a good mix of races, lots of Asians, Europeans and of course blacks and whites. Talked to lots of friendly people from all over the world in the backpacking Hostel I stayed in, people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Denmark etc. Saw lots of interesting things, not sure if I can recall and tell them all to you. I will upload the pictures hopefully by this weekend when more things are settled and then share the settings and life in San Francisco and Berkeley. Absolutely an eye opener the things you see in San Francisco but not in Singapore.

Sorry for the lack of real substance in my content but I really dun know where to start and I have been too tied down searching my permanent accommodation that I am too weary to blog my adventure now. Will get back to you people soon. Oh I just saw a black being caught for shoplifting 4 digital cameras in a mini super mart, Walgreens, and the cashier told me such incidence happen everyday and it's always a black who do it. That explains why it's not safe to walk in the streets in American alone at night even if you are a guy. They even have a call-in security service where a police accompany you to your destination if you are traveling alone in the streets of Berkeley. Guess I can't think much of enjoying nightlife in Berkeley. Haiz.

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