Friday, September 14, 2007

Culture in Cal

I have wanted to write this a long time ago, but since I have some time before my next lecture starts, I shall pen this all down before I forget.

Interesting sights or scenes in Cal.
  • Cal students cycle, skateboard, skate scooter in campus to travel to various class venues.
  • Majority of Cal students walk alone in school campus. You hardly see groups of people walking together and chatting. I believe this phenomena indicates students take classes of their interest and not with friends.
  • Significant percentage of Cal students sit alone during lectures and discussion. You see spaces in between seats and even if they sit together, they might not be friends. Hence, if you are alone in class, you will not be condemned or rather considered the norm. Guess students here are very individualistic or independent or more focused. This doesn't mean they are anti-social, it's just that their social context is different, may be socializing is purely out of class.
  • You don't hear any whispers during class. Everybody is attentive during class and the only person they interact with is the lecturer or discussion instructor.
  • Some couples openly display their affection in lecture. There was once I saw a lady resting on her bf shoulders in the middle front row and the lecturer did nothing about it.
  • Cal students like to lie on the carpet grass to study in bright sunshine. Well, I can understand as weather here is very cold, but I rather stay indoors which is much warmer.
  • Accquitance chat up with you easily. There's a few people I just met once and say a few words, but they would walk up to you, greet you warmly, and chat up with you. You even get greetings from strangers giving you well wishes in the morning or night while walking on the streets.
  • This is the most intriguing phenomenan to me. American Asians here are generally shorter than Asians in Singapore. Suddenly, I just feel taller. Believe me. Haha. I thought it's just my feeling until I verify this with my full-time students from SMSA who have studied here for a few years. I can't reason this out considering the food serving here is homongous, about 1.5 to double the normal serving you would find in Singapore. Any explanations from anybody? And when I say they are shorter, doens't infer they are plump as well, but smaller built in general. Think this will make it easier for me to find a partner down here? Haha. This is just a joke and please don't spread this nonsense around.

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