Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Revised UCB TimeTable

Here's my new TimeTable. I just dropped a class and added another new one. All these done midway through the 3rd week of school. Wonder if I would be able to catch up with my newly added class. The reason I have to go through such hassle is because I got conned by the description of the module or class as it is called here. It turned out Biophysical Neurobiology is more of a physics class with lots of formula and equations than a biology class with factual content. There's just too much derivation and complex equations which I simply can't fathom. The final straw came when I look at the graded take home assignment and to my astonishment, I can't do any of the maths based question. Only then did I realize I have been a stupid fool to persevere for the 2 torturous weeks. Apparently, my maths sucks or it's not as good as I thought myself to be. I have no choice but to drop the class and find another replacement class fast. That's how I landed in my current situation. Haiz. At least, the new class, Introduction to Neurobiology, is more like a biology class or I will have to hunt for classes at the eleventh hour again.

On hindsight, I wonder if that's a signal for me to drop one of my class as everybody here is only doing 4 classes and yet I am trying to be gutsy and do 6. I have to say I am suffering badly right now, unlike others who's going out to experience activities in the school or explore around the place. I am in a dilemma whether it's worth doing extra classes here in exchange for a easier time and more flexibility in choices of modules back in NUS over more time to enjoy and absorb myself into this amazing new environment. Please give me some advice? Thanks.

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