Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Haunt of the Drunkards

Damn, I made the wrong choice of going to the library alone in the late evening. I ended up having to walk back home alone down the eerily dark streets of Berkeley campus and surrounding areas at around 11pm. I thought I am a brave boy until this incident deflate my self-esteem in walking alone on the streets of Berkeley in late night again.

It's already freaky spooky once I step out of the Bio Science Library at around 1030pm. The campus is not as well-lit as NUS and you only see faint light emitting from distance from the widely spaced street lamps. As I am walking alone back home, I get stares from strangers who are also walking alone and people who are walking their dogs at this late hour. Quite creepy. As Berkeley is notorious for its high crime rate, I was extremely cautious of any people around me. Tortured by the freezing cold wind, I hastened my pace to reach a better lit shop houses district. Little did I know that worse thing is going to happen.

Along the famous Telegraph Avenue, I was approached by 2 white drunkards under brightly lighted street lamps.
White Drunkard: "Hi, how's is it going?"
Me: "I am doing fine. Thanks."
I quicken my pace to avoid being too close to them, but to my displeasure, they quicken their pace to tail me.
White Drunkard: "Hey brother, what are you doing? We' re going for fuck fest later, wanna join us?"
This was what I thought at that moment.
"Freak! What fuck fest are you talking about? I am not interested. Get lost."
I was kinda freak out that I accelerated my pace to avoid being followed by them. As I was walking away from them, I could hear the gross vomiting sound in the background and I keep looking back to ensure they are not following close behind me. My confidence grew when I saw a line of police cars in the vicinity and the thought of getting the policemen to send me home did cross my mind before I abandon the idea.

On the way back, the sight of countless homeless sleeping along the side of pavement of streets which has no effect on me on the past even daunted me a little. For I fear they might just strike out at me for disturbing their sleep though they were known to be harmless.

Better get a "Bear" or a friend to walk together next time. Good gracious nothing bad happened to me.

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