Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fantastic KTV session

Yes. There's a karaoke lounge in Berkeley and it has all the latest Mandarin songs here. Guess what's the big deal? The whole KTV session of 7 hours were fully sponsored by Singapore International Foundation, a foundation set up to support Singaporeans in overseas colleges. Plus we get loads of free food and drinks. Yippee. Had a great time singing. We even have a singing competition at the last hour of the session and all the contestants were excellent singers. Fantastic. What a great karaoke session we had. But what I valued most was the amount of networking I accomplished through this KTV session. Not only did I interact and exchange contact with the executive director of Singapore American Business Association (SABA), who later invited me to help her in an upcoming SABA Gala Dinner in SF, I also interacted with a big bunch of NOC - NUS Overseas College program students who are currently working in Silicon Valley and studying part time in Stanford University. There was this cute girl currently in NOC who caught my eye early during the KTV session, but I didn't expect the following events to happen. I merely bumped into her outside the restroom and immediately we struck a great conversation. She was so impressed by my credentials, just because she knew it's hard to get to UCB for exchange and that set the tone for her to know me better, though I keep telling her she was flattering me. What surprised me was her eagerness to persuade me to pursue NOC after I expressed my interest in NOC and my reservation in delaying my graduation by a year. Guess she has such a strong urge to help me, she even walked into my KTV room late on and pulled me out of the room to get my contact and gave me her heartfelt personal sharing and advice to extend my graduation and come to Silicon Valley NOC upon identifying her own plight with me. It's rare I get anybody sharing so passionately with me, though I also got great advice from the rest of NOC students who similarly gave me the same encouragement to pursue NOC in SV. All these inspiring encouragement might just make up my decision to relive my American dream, i.e. pursue NOC in SV. I am still undecided at this stage, but my heart tells me to go. One reason is I so love America.

I shall leave you with a song which kinda describe my mood a few days back. I just learnt this song today and kept humming it in my head till now.

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