Sunday, October 28, 2007

My First Ever House Party

Yeah. I just went for my first house party in a big bungalow. It was free entry and free flow of drinks too. How great a deal can you get? I have never let loose myself so much that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Girls were scantily dressed and most people were dressed up in all kind of costumes. One wore a cat costume and carried a whip. Another one wore a superman costume and so many guys crossed dressed as women. And oh my god, their boobs and long hair look so real, I almost thought they were ladies in the dark. Music was great and I had a great time dancing. The only spoiler was I didn't manage to get any girl to dance with me. Haiz. It's ok. I didn't expect much but my hot female house mate who was picked up, later give me tips on how to pick up girls. I shall try them out if I get to another house party. Haha. And I puked when I reached home this early morning. I was having a bad headache more than feeling nausea for the rest of the morning. Guess I can never be a good drinker.

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