Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Round 1 of photo feasting

Apologies for being away for so long. Your readership is greatly appreciated and any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. So pardon me k? Been boiled down with mid term exams for the past one week. Finally can take a breather after one long week of mugging. I almost died. Haha. All this mugging is done in the midst of lessons with homework assignments. Gosh. Exams here are tough, all open ended questions and require you to think of experiment techniques to solve problems. I have one test which requires me to get 70% in order to get a C. WTH. I am crossing my fingers I will do fine in the end. Here's some of the outdated photos which I took in the past one and a half months when I was still staying in the backpacker hostel in San Francisco. Enjoy.
Fishermen's Wharf

Golden Gate Bridge

Alcatraz Island


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