Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This really sucks

I just got back one of my mid term paper. Amazingly, the GSIs here are so efficient they take only 4 days to marks our 2hour short structured questions of 130 plus students. It's my immunology paper and guess what. I failed by 1/2 a mark, yep 62/125. Suddenly just feel so lousy about myself. Not that I expected high marks, but being the competitive person I have always been, this is not the kind of result I expected. The professor showed us the bell distribution and the mean is 85/125, standard deviation is 17.5, 95/125 for an A which is only 76% for a A. My housemates have been jerking me for studying so much and not knowing how to chill and telling how dumb the students here are and how easy it is to ace more than 90% for each of their paper. What they failed to understand is different professor set different standard of paper. I have a easy paper on Monday as well but I am still holding my breadth for my 1st mid term that I took. Sad.

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