Friday, October 5, 2007

The Daily Californian

Here's a sample of UC Berkeley daily weekday newspaper. It's written by Cal students themselves. The headlines today are more peculiar.
If you can't see the headlines clearly, here there are:
1) Freshman Found Dead in Unit 1 Dorm
2) Employees Protest I-House Conditions
3) UC Berkeley Lectures Now Available on YouTube

For the first headline, I thought it's another murder case as gunshots are pretty common in Berkeley. But on closer inspection, it's classified as natural death. Phew. I thought it was another case of bloodshed. God bless this poor dude who died at a young age of 17. His birthday is just another day long. And guess what's his first name? It's Lehmann, the same namesake as the Arsenal goalkeeper, but they are unrelated to each other.

For the second headline, protests are pretty common in UCB or America in general. That's their way of getting the attention they seek, or getting support from the public. In my short space of 1 month in UCB, I have already witnessed a few of them in the main campus plaza protesting for all kinds of funny reasons, Save the trees, Stop Discrimination against Blacks for University admission etc. People here are just more outspoken and courageous to fight for their cause. Speaking of protest, this links me to the Myanmar monk protests against the military government. I believe everybody back in Singapore should know about this, but it's oblivious to the Americans here. World news seldom reach here as Americans are pretty much in their own world.

For the third headline, I first saw this news on Yahoo Singapore news. Wonder if this news is actually so big that it has reaches Singapore too? Tell me if you guys saw this on Straits Times Newspaper. And speaking of lecture, I just can't keep laughing in my business law class. My law instructor has such cool attitude, he just keep teasing everybody with his crude jokes in class. Here's just one of the many examples of his crude jokes. My law instructor is herein known as Ross.
Ross: " Does anybody in class sings well?"
No response. So he got to arrow someone.
Ross: " Jaime, can you sing?"
Jaime: " No, I can't sing well."
Ross: "How do you know?"
Jaime: " I don't know."
Ross: "Ok, prove to me. Sing Case 3 out."
Loud roar of laughter.
Well, of course Jaime didn't sing the case out as we all know it's a joke.
I bet this lecturer would easily garnish the most hits if his lectures are placed on Youtube. If only his lessons are web casted will you guys fully understand what I mean. If not, I try tape recording them and place them on Youtube myself. Haha.

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