Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Round 2 of Photos

This should be my last entry for this week before I kick off my intensive preparation for my next 3 heavyweight tests on 3 consecutive days next week. I am been fooling around, in other words having fun, every weekend so much so I have yet to touch on any of my notes for 2 of upcoming tests. Good Gracious what am I thinking? 6 weeks worth of untouched notes plus an additional week of lecture before a 40%, a 15% and a 50% worth of mid term exams. I just finished 3 mid terms and now I have to deal with another triple. Jesus Christ. American university just placed so much weightage to mid terms you can't even afford to catch your breadth during the semester, needless to say lack of break other than public holidays. But somehow everybody here can do it? Damn. What happened to my supposedly high IQ I learnt from my Mensa score? Well, I am certain I will pull through in the end, have faith in me.

Ok, enough of lamenting on academics. Here's what you guys have been waiting for. For the past 3 weekends, I have watched a college football at Cal stadium, celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with Singaporeans and Malaysians at Stanford University and spent 2 days one night at Yosemite National Park. Enjoy the pictures.

Cal Female Volleyball Team in ActionCal Pong Pong Girls
Stanford Pong Pong Girls

Cal Football Stadium

Cal vs Arizona

Stanford University

CheeseCake Factory

Ok, I am dead tired uploading all the pictures and it's 2am now. I will upload more UCB campus, Yosemite and personal photos next week if I managed to survive through the tests. I leave you guys off with my favorite photo so far. See you next Wednesday.

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