Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What an eventful day

Well, eventful in the sense alot of shit and surprises happened in the same day.

I woke up this morning, realizing I lost my green B4 size notebook and I went around the campus searching for it, but I couldn't find it back. In Cal, your notebook is your livelihood since most classes here do not have lecture notes, but luckily just a few notes have been written on this new notebook I just bought or I will be stuck in deep depression right now.

Then, came the shocking news from my friend via MSN offline message. Not completely shocking, but I didn't like the news. Shan't divulge anything here, but it affected me my mood at a crucial time when I was about to take my business law exam in an hour.

Things didn't get better later on. When I reached the classroom for exam, I didn't know I was supposed to come prepared with a bluebook to write your answers and there was only 5 minutes to the start of exam. OMG. Good gracious, I made a friend in that class who was kind enough to show me and run with me all the way to the place to purchase the bluebook. Now I know studying in Cal carries so much hassle, you need "extra preparation" for the exam. To my relief and expectation, the paper was very manageable and I finished 5 minute before time when everybody is still scribbling.

Later in the day, somebody whom I just met and talked to just once invited me to study with her this Sunday for the next Thursday paper. (Yes, I still have 1 mid term test every week from next week till 1st week of November on top of quizzes and journal article reviews to handle.) Pretty surprising given the situation, but guess I am still very much a shy boy who feels coy when approached for such invitation by new friends.

Now, it's 4pm, wonder what else will happen tonight?

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