Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why you should study alone in the library

My eventful day continues into the night in a school library which opens til 2am in the morning. I didn't have the habit of studying in the library until I came over to Cal, as I do not have a bright room and the library is about 10 min walk from home. Just as I was studying in the library, guess what, a classmate whom I didn't acknowledge before today just came over and talked to me. It's a white guy and we started off dicussing about our preparations for tomorrow's mid term exam, before deviating off to chit-chats. He told me about his intention to come to NUS for exchange and gave me advices of places to tour around in America, telling me to visit him if I drop by at his hometown in San Diego. Cool. One of my objectives for exchange is to make more White friends. I will certainly show him around Singapore if he comes to NUS.

So, as you can see, it's common for people to chat up with you as everybody is pretty much alone in everything they do here, especially when it come to classes, so they make friends wherever they move to. I have spoken to alot of people while walking on the streets of Berkeley who recognise me as their classmates. So what do you think of Americans now? Friendly?

Shall come to library more often to make more new friends. Haha.

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