Friday, October 19, 2007

Ambivalent Day

Yep, it's a strange day for me. Both a pleasant and unwelcome surprise happened in a short space of a day. I shall start off with the unwelcome first before moving to the pleasant one.

I was picked up by a girl. Ok, before you debate with me on this statement, let me say this is subjective and you guys tell me what you think. The same girl who asked me to study together in library tucked me, yep hold my arm, to accompany her to a nearby shop house to buy a drink. Being a nice guy, I accompanied her though I wanted to rush home and get ready to buy groceries at a faraway supermart as it's getting close to dinner time and I wanted to cook. Then this absurd thing happened. When she didn't have small change for her drink, she asked me to pay for her without mentioning she's going to pay me back. Oh my goodness, is that the way to get a guy to treat you? She kept chattering away telling me how stress she was for her exams and how much she wanted to ace her studies. She kept asking me questions about that class when I haven't done any revision on that class though the exam is next week. Worse still, she told me about the new dress she bought that day and how much she likes it and asked me to accompany her to shop because I told her to relax when she shared how stressed up she was. See, it doesn't always pay to be kind. She even misunderstood I was going to the supermart straight and accompanied me to the bus stop when I wanted to go home. How miserable can you get? Wonder how's Sunday going to be like studying with her? Cross my fingers.

Now, let me share my pleasant news. I happened to know this Vietnamese girl a few days back who took 2 same classes as me. I didn't take notice of her until one of the lab session which I didn't have to take but for exam review I went for it. As there was only 8 people in that lab session, I took notice of her and realized she was also in the same class as me for another course. On the same day, coincidentally, I bumped into her outside the computer lab while waiting for our turn to use the computer terminals as there was a queue. That's when we formally introduce ourselves and chat up with each other. We didn't talk since until we bumped into each other again. And guess this time where did we bump? Even I couldn't have imagined this happening. Yes, outside my apartment. She saw me in the dim dusk light and greeted me first outside my apartment when I was back from the supermart with full of groceries on both hands. Apparently, she stayed in the same apartment as me. How small a world can you go? And she stays directly underneath me. OMG. Yet, I never saw her while walking to our common 8am classes on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Either I have been late or been skipping too many of that class or she has been skipping classes herself. Let's see how much more will I see her in future. Come visit this blog for all the latest actions.

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