Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Eden Cafe - The Flower Restaurant

Have you guys eaten flowers? Ever wonder how does flower petals taste like? Are they palatable in the first place? Here's one intriguing restaurant to wet your taste buds with different edible species of flowers. What's more? They brew different combination of flowers for tea which bring about different desired effects, ranging from relaxing, sensuous, radiance, dreamy etc, as described on their menu. For more information on this cafe, here's the URL,
Below are some pictures I took on my trip to Eden restaurant last Tuesday.

This is the Yellow Vegetarian Pasta, cooked with yellow capsicum. The flowers taste sappy if eaten alone, but gives a rich taste when eaten together with the pasta. Smell like Indian food with a strong flora aroma emitted from the yellow capsicum.

This dish is the Portabello Mushroom Sandwich. I like the juiciness and tenderness of the huge Portabello Mushroom, taste heavenly as it "melts" in your mouth, better than any steak that I have eaten. Absolutely love this dish!!!! Yummy!!!! Tasted Hibiscus flower petals which is even more sappy than yellow capsicum.

Here's the tea set in which we are served. The teacups are those cups used as tea lights found in Hindu temple. And the tea is free flow once you ordered a tea set. The tea we ordered is called Uplift, which is brewed from the combination of rose, lemon verbena, lemon grass and linden. Love the fragrant aroma of the flowers diffusing from the tea. aaahhhhhh............

Last but not least, I had my hands on their hibiscus cheesecake. Taste great too. The owner even brought us to his little garden and plucked off some leaves from the candy grass for us taste. I couldn't believe its leaves can be that sweet as its name suggest after tasting all the sappy flower petals. It's really unique and I wanted to buy the seeds of the candy grass right away and grow in my home garden. Unfortunately, the owner jested that many customers have the same request as me and he doesn't keep stock of candy grass seeds. So sad, if not I can share the sweetness of candy grass with my friends.

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