Monday, August 6, 2007

Updates on Exchange Matters

Honestly speaking, as much as I am excited to fly off for exchange, I am feeling very apprehensive right now. Other than the lingering thoughts of having to be independent and possibility of loneness, there's another more pressing issue at the moment.

"I haven gotten my permanent accommodation."

For those who suppose NUS IRO will settle most or all of your exchange matters, you guys have been very naive. Overseas University do not care too much of your welfare, or put it nicely, they expect you to be more independent. I have been placed on the waiting list for hostel application despite they guaranteeing exchange students have a priority in the assignment of rooms. Furthermore, by the time I received my offer letter from UCB, the window for hostel application has already been over, so of course, I have so no chance to apply in time even if I want to, thus i applied late. So effectively, I have to look for off-campus private accommodation.

However, off-campus private accommodation is not an easy piece of meat, especially if you are looking to rent a whole apartment. Most landlords are looking for one year lease or 6 months lease as it's difficult for them to find tenants for the winter break which falls between mid December to mid January. My initial plan is to rent a whole apartment with my exchange mates but that's seem impossible with the above restriction mentioned since we are only staying there for 4 months. So, the best alternative right now is to source for accommodation which require me to cohabit with the landlord or other students who rented the whole apartment and sublease out since they are more flexible in their rental and would allow rental on a monthly-basis.

I am crossing my fingers I get my accommodation fast before term starts or I might need to sleep in the streets or train station. This might not be a bad idea since accommodation in Berkeley is freaking exorbitant. Haha. Please bless me. =)

P.S. For those concerned about my welfare, I will be staying in temporary hostel for the first 10 days while I seek out my permanent accommodation. Temporary hostel is not cheap and ideal for their conditions though it might be my permanent accommodation in worst case scenario and it is far from my campus.

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