Monday, August 6, 2007

My Temporary UCB Timetable

As seen from my timetable above, I have morning lessons everyday and would be free by mid-afternoon for most days except Wednesday, when I got an inconvenient lesson in the late afternoon at 4pm. So what's the significance of this timetable? The significance is that I might not get to meet my friends in sunny island on MSN since my morning lessons coincide with their most active time - night. Check the "Clocks" on my sidebar for time zone difference. Meaning, I might only see you people on MSN on weekends unless you people log onto MSN in the morning which is rare considering you guys have to go for school. Well, you guys can always drop me a message on my tag board when you are bored, let me know your presence k. =) For those who want to know what modules I am doing in UCB, here's the list.

1. Exercise Physiology - map to LSM3212 Human Physiology - Cardiopulmonary System
2. General Endocrinology - map to LSM3214 Human Physiology - Hormones and Health
3. Biophysical Neurobiology - map to LSM3213 Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
4. Molecular Immunology - map to LSM3223 Immunology
5. Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants- map to LSM3253 Plant Physiology
6. Legal Aspects of Management - map to BSP1004 Legal Environment of Business

If you guys are thinking if that's the normal workload in UCB, you guys are wrong. These 6 modules make up 20 units in UCB while the normal workload in UCB is 14-15 units. So does this mean I am crazy? Go on exchange still take on such heavy workload. Well, it's not easy to do module mapping especially for science modules which are so university-specific rather than generic across all universities like business modules. Firstly, I want to S/U all my life science modules because I am losing interest in this subject, so to maintain my CAP, I decided to go for this strategy. Secondly, I aim to take on my interest modules, especially finance and economics modules in NUS when I am back. I am hoping I can successfully apply for my second major in management, i.e. business. If that's the case, I will extend my graduation by one semester since I would have completed about 9 modules out of the 12 modules required for a second major by year 3 sem 2.

Point to note: The above timetable is temporary since I have not officially enrolled into my 3rd and 6th module listed above. I am still placed on the waiting list for these two classes. The above timetable is my desired timetable if everything goes smoothly in the end. Really sucks! Since last semester, I have to go through the trauma of appealing and praying for the approval of my modules and now I guess I have to go through the same shit once again. Please pray hard for me that I get all the modules I want. Haha. I really dun have much back up plans considering I am planning for double major, really no room for error.

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