Saturday, August 11, 2007

I walked out in the middle of a movie for the first time in my life!!!!

Yes, I walked out of the theater halfway through a movie for the first time in my life, not because I am fainted hearted, but because the movie was absolutely too painful and gruesome to watch. Hear me out before you call me a chicken. I am a fanatic of horror movies and friends who have watched horror movies with me can vouch for this. Even war movies are acceptable and still watchable despite all the violence and bloodshed, but R21 gore movies are far too sickening to catch a mere glimpse of the gross scenes.

I caught my second movie, Hostel 2, within 12 hours in the same cinema as a midnight movie with my good friend, Irvin, just a few hours ago. It was rated R21, but what follows once I stepped into the theater is an experience which will deeply etch in my mind. I have watched R21 gore movie before, Apocalypto, but this movie is no where near as gruesome compared to Hostel 2. In fact, Hostel 2 is absolutely inhuman and it depicts the worst torture ideas which can ever cross your mind.

The story basically describes how innocent people were lured into this hostel in Slovakia where no one came out alive. These innocent people were then auctioned to their secret society members who are well-established rich people in their normal lives and the winning bidders get to capture and torture their respective "prizes" won. The torture camp is a highly guarded area with lots of layers of gates, cameras, ferocious hound dogs and electric wire that ensure no captives have any possibility of coming out alive even if they manage to outwit the first obstacle. Inside the torture camp, the torturers were given all kind of tools to torture their victims, ranging from chainsaw, laser burner, scythe, axes, whatever evil tools you can think of. There's one scene which was super erroneous, absolute out of my wildest imagination. One victim was first hung upside down absolutely naked. A naked female torturer then stepped in with a large scythe and lie at a convex floor directly underneath her helpless victim. Using her scythe to reach out for the victim hung above her, she started her foreplay with some mild brushing of the blade across the victim's body before scrapping hard with the sharp edge, causing blood to gush all over the victim's body whose blood bathe the naked body of the torturer. To add insult to injury, the final blow came with the slit of the throat in which the sudden spurt of blood was drank by the torturer to quench her thirst. Absolutely humiliating and inhumane. It's not just the sight of the gruesome scenes which freaks you. The helpless shrieks and cries of the paralyzed victims make it hard for anybody to enjoy the movie unless the audience is a sadistic man. Of course, there were other gruesome scenes, but my friend and I left near the end of movie when we thought it was not worth giving ourselves more goosebumps and possible nightmares for the rest of our lives. In short, this is a movie for sadistic people. I don't understand how people can enjoy such movie, is it a test of their courage to withstand horridness? Unless the movie has a good story plot or moral like that of Apocalypto, it really makes me wonder what's inside the wrapped mind of those who enjoy watching such movie. The challenge shown in the movie trailer sums it all up, "I dare you to watch it?" Unfortunately, I didn't have the courage to last ten more minutes to the end of movie. Haiz.

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the worm said...

I totally agree with you. It's extremely disgusting and evil, such things. But I can't explain why people are drawn to such morbid things. Cause I'm actually a fan of true crime books which depicts the crimes terrible criminals undertake. But it does upset me sometimes, but dunno why still wanna read about it.